War Eagles Society


The War Eagles Society

High Plains Regional Rendezvous Meeting June 2019

We had a War Eagle Meeting in the Palace at High Plains Regional Rendezvous and enrolled several new members.


The War Eagles Society History

  The War Eagles Society was formed by a group of Vietnam veterans buckskinners in 1990's. Rondo, Brass Turtle and Crazy Bear felt that veterans should be represented at the rendezvous.

  It was formed as a brotherhood, originally made up of combat veterans. Overtime, it has evolved into a national society that includes all veterans, widows, and widowers of American history re-enactors who wish to be members. There is a second group called associates, these are non-veterans who wish to contribute to the veterans calling in some special way.

  The War Eagle Society was originally created so that they could share their experiences with someone who had been through what they had. Today the War Eagle Society has members from many conflicts, as well as present-day active duty personnel. We are a brotherhood who is there for any brother or sister who has a challenge, when and wherever that may be, to share a story or two around a campfire.

  There are no officers in the War Eagle Society, nor are there any dues. The only money accepted is for postage, flags, rosettes and communications. War Eagles can be found by their War Eagle society flag or rosettes at any gathering of those of like-minded, from coast-to-coast.

We currently have flags and rosettes available for sell. For rosettes please contact us via email and to ensure we still have them. Then send your check for $25.00 (includes postage) and we will ship your item. We are now offering payment through PayPal. Send us your request and shipping address and you will get an invoice from PayPal. We also accept checks mailed to the address below.

For more information about War Eagle Society please email us at war.eagles.vet@gmail.com or you can contact us at:

War Eagle Society
P. O. Box 312
Ramona, OK 74061

  Notes from Windy

War Eagle Guidelines

Application to Join!
(This form can be filled out online then saved and email back to war.eagles.vet@gmail.com or Mailed to address on form)

War Eagle Store
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  Photo Gallery
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Talking Bear Web Site
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