War Eagles Society Guidelines

  • A brother/sisterhood of buck Skinners and American history re-enactors and those of like mind, having honorable military service of our country with no discrimination.
  • I understand that there are no fees or dues of any kind in order to be in the war Eagle society. Donations for postage may be made and will be accepted.
  • Meetings of the Society are held at re-enactment events; attendance is requested but not required. The Pledge of Allegiance shall be recited to start any meeting.
  • Associate membership may be granted to a deserving person, name to be submitted at a meeting, lack of any nays will indicate acceptance.
  • Appropriate flags or rosettes should be displayed by all members (not required). Description as follows:
  • Veterans a red/black War Eagle rosette or flag. Those members having served in combat add a yellow ribbon hanging off the rosette or flag. Those with a Purple Heart wear a purple ribbon in lieu of yellow as above.
    • A square 1 inch in size may be worn to indicate branch for service.
    • OD green United States Army
    • Sky-Blue - United States Aircorps or United States Air Force
    • Navy Blue - United States Navy
    • Gold - United States Marine Corps
    • Medium Blue - United States Coast Guard
    • White Associate members
    • A black border denotes a widow or widower. These should be shown the ultimate respect
  • War Eagle flags should be flown in your camp if possible, again requested not required. Flags may have additional ribbons or medals applied to them.
    The flag should be approximately 20 x 28 wide of the near blood red with a black circle 12 ¼ inside diameter and ½ inch width black circle centered with an open mouth Eagle head centered in the circle.
  • At events the war Eagle society should act as color guard for opening and closing ceremonies, with respect as the honor dictates.

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